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Telemarketing Services Provided to a Digital Marketplace Company

Telemarketing Services Provided to a Digital Marketplace Company

In this particular case study, a company expressed interest in us to assist them with their telemarketing operations as they were struggling to respond effectively and costably amidst rapidly changing market conditions.

– The client had been historically very successful with traditional direct mail-based telemarketing campaigns that had generated high response rates for more than two decades. However, during the last several years competition from digital marketing means that landline telephone numbers have become increasingly less effective.

Add to this the advent of Internet-based lead generation followed by telemarketing sales calls, and many companies are finding it challenging trying to retain their inbound leads with traditional methods.

Client Requirement

The client wished to significantly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their telemarketing operations but were in a precarious position about deciding whether or not outsourcing this function would be worthwhile. or not.

They were looking to hire a company that was capable of implementing a managed telemarketing lead generation and database automation system through some sort of representative solution for their sales teams and data input points.

Business Challenge

This client lacked the implementation expertise and some of the specific tools to work through this process. This client was having trouble finding firm capable at doing a managed telemarketing system for their sales teams, so they could effectively and efficiently respond adequately to rapidly changing market conditions.

Moreover, due to costs associated with hiring expensive in-house people for expanded telemarketing lists, the client was looking for a way to save significant dollars that would still allow them attain adequate response levels.

Solution Provided

We did a managed telemarketing database system for this client—an all-inclusive responsive service that is capable of generating effective and efficient responses to inbound leads. Using these response levels, we were able to create specific budgets for each organization involved in the project including suppliers (planners), distribution centers and reps participating in the planning process.


The clients were happy with the results, and we found that they had greatly increased response levels to their marketing campaigns as well as gained new customers into the weeks following implementation. Within 6 months of implementation, 100% of all participants in this project were positive about our telemarketing service offering.

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