A business becomes global only if it has the potential to service customers anywhere in the world. However, global customer support requires compliance to varied languages.

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  • Strength
  • Weakness
  • Opportunity
  • Threat

A SWOT analysis on customer support can reveal a lot of things about business ethics and its performance standard. SWOT Analysis is a technique for assessing STRENGTH, WEAKNESS, OPPORTUNITY, and THREATS, which helps in determining the current position & benchmark of customer care service. You can find out what’s working well and what’s not – and can easily devise a new strategy.

What Does Each Element Of SWOT Signify?

  • STRENGTH highlights the strong point of the company i.e., things your company does well, qualities that separate you from competitors, internal resources (skill, experience & qualification) and tangible assets like intellectual property or technologies.
  • WEAKNESS clearly states what’s causing inadequacy in customer care i.e., resource limitations, unclear & vague approach, unskilled resources, lack of experience, linguistic barrier or absence of technology.
  • OPPORTUNITY covers everything you could do to improve rapport and performance i.e., emerging need for customer support outsourcing, planning for Tech Support Level 1 & Tech Support Level 2, introduction of new IT support such as live chat, help desk or telemarketing strategy.
  • THREAT, the final element of SWOT analysis, covers everything that can pose a serious risk to success and growth, such as service downtime during rush hour, complex & confusing methods, insufficient team, inadequate technology & training, disgruntled customers, and lack of privacy and protection of personal data.

A planned SWOT analysis allows you to identify where your customer support does well, where it lacks and where it could improve. A close assessment of your current performance creates a roadmap for potential solutions.

This can be useful in the creation of budgetary plans, identifying hiring needs, and you can always look out for a great stratagem.

My Customer Care Is Missing The Mark – What Are My Options?

The most successful and internationally accredited businesses are benefitting from customer service outsourcing in Europe to stand out in their industry and is the backbone of their brand reputation. Let’s be honest, our best intentions of improving customer support fail to translate into reality. The reason could be a lack of training or insufficient staffing. Outsourcing saves you from all these hassles and puts you at the forefront of wildly successful customer care services.

  • Multilingual Customer Support Outsourcing

Multilingual is vital for a business operating in more than one country. Adjusting your customer support w.r.t varied languages ensures quick resolutions on questions, issues, exchanges or returns. It benefits both businesses and consumers. Through outsourcing, you can offer support service tailored to a customer’s language.

  • Live Chat Outsourcing

Live chat is one of the best ways to resolve a poor customer care experience and are perfectly suitable for tech-savvy users. Other than facilitating seamless communication, live chat drives engagement, retains trust, ensures utmost satisfaction and works 24*7 (even on holidays).

  • Help Desk Outsourcing

Ever thought of outsourcing your entire help desk to a team of highly professional experts? Help desks and call centers are managed by personnel with extensive technical knowledge and diligently offer expert help desk support. The help desk outsourcing can be tailored to fit your specific needs – making it pocket friendly and cost effective too.

  • Outbound Telemarketing Outsourcing

Outbound telemarketing simply refers to making cold calls to customers that might need your attention to introduce the product/service. Outsourcing works for both B2B and B2C telemarketing, where skilled operatives first understand your concept and then masters the art of selling over the telephone.

Experience is important for a superior customer care experience. It would be best if you hire someone who understand ins and outs of customer care. SIMETRIX SOLUTIONS is a trusted, certified outsourcing agency in Eastern Europe, who has vast experience in the field of customer support and only hires skilled, experienced and well-trained staff to pitch your brand aura. For more details on our services, contact us today.


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