Signs to Reboot Your Customer Support

Is your customer support not as reliable as you thought it to be?

Customer Support

Reboot your customer support

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  • Linguistic barrier
  • Lower customer satisfaction
  • Not adapted to best practices
  • Inefficient management

Don’t worry, you are not alone in this. In fact, thousands of companies (particularly start-ups and emerging entrepreneurs) are facing this enigma. Getting customers is still somewhat easier than retaining them. For retention, you need to invest in a brilliant customer support team.

The challenge is basically two-fold i.e. (a) Keeping up with the customer’s expectations and (b) Respond to their queries on time. Your sales are flourishing, your business is scaling and your marketing team is fueling your company growth – what more could you wish for? – a great customer support outsourcing.

How to know it’s time to redesign your customer support. Below are the signs that persuade companies to outsourcing in Europe.

Inefficient management

The foundation of good customer support often requires impeccable management, where the team must prioritize tickets, and monitor customer response & feedback efficiently. Inefficient management evidently result in inadequacy, delay in response, poor customer experience, negative word-of-mouth and sometimes people actual problem went unresolved.

If your support staff is unproductive and continuously failing in addressing customer’s grievance, it may be time to consider a separate help desk outsourcing agency.

Not adapted to Best Practices

What is a best practice? How do you define best practice – An unbeatable customer support isn’t just a buzzword. The bar for great experiences is actually very high. Almost 70% of consumers prefer immediate support at every touch point along the way. Thus, a business needs to be responsive via various channels such as live chat, email, phone, video call, help desk, etc. Customer support reps are judged based on the number of tickets or queries you successfully handle on a daily basis. This often requires adhering to the most conventional methods to connect & communicate.

Lower customer satisfaction – and it’s hurtful

Lower satisfaction leads to customer burnout, minimal sales and adversely affects the prosperity of business. The flip side of dissatisfaction is that it also affects the brand’s credibility. As per the research, 80% of customers are less likely to buy from portal who leave complaints unsettled. The reason could be: lack of omni-channel customer service, pile of unresolved issues and complaints, inaccessibility, or rude staff. If all this is affecting your business’ goodwill, then you definitely need a customer care revamp.

Linguistic barrier

Is language becoming the barrier? If yes, then invest in Omni-Channel customer IT support. Many international brands outsource their customer service department to someone who can gracefully handle language barriers while providing superior customer support service. Omni-Channel customer support are likely to provide accurate and precise customer support without causing frustration.

Simetrix Solutions puts customers at the center of everything.

Being a leading customer service outsourcing in Europe, we know what it takes to make a customer service remarkable and winnable. Our quality oriented services are personalized to business needs, ensure best practice, and fervently improves the morale & standard of the company.

If you are seeking an expert hand in building and maintaining customer relationships and growing your business, contact us today.


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