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Satisfy 70% Of Customers Using Live Chat Outsourcing

Satisfy 70% Of Customers Using Live Chat Outsourcing

Have you ever thought of leveraging customer care with live chat outsourcing? If your business entirely relies on your website, a live chat can serve as the backbone of your company’s credibility.


Satisfy 70% of customers using live chat outsourcing

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  • Live chat increases conversion rate
  • Live chat yields greater satisfaction
  • Live chat outsourcing costs 15 % – 30% less than phone support
  • Live chat can quickly resolve customer’s concern

 From being a chat representative to easing sales and marketing, a smart live chat function can solve a customer’s concern in 1 minute.

Why is live chat outsourcing so high in demand these days? In a world where customers prefer immediate communication, live chat can easily provide a gateway to resolve queries related to products, refund, cancellation, or shipping status. The benefits of live chat outsourcing stretch far beyond what you imagine. Even customers prefer live chat over email, phone or social media. It is fast, convenient, efficient, and works 24/7.

Live chat is in demand right now – and below stats prove why.

  • Live chat can quickly resolve customer’s concern

Live chat outsourcing is all about refining the customer care experience. Instead of waiting in the loop, your customers can get their questions answered immediately. Users love it because it is 100 times faster than email and other digital service channels. A real-time conversation via live chat leave a positive effect on sales, revenue, and customer loyalty.

  • Live chat outsourcing costs 15% to 30% less than phone support

Getting started with live chat is relatively easy, straightforward, and economical too.

SIMETRIX SOLUTIONS, being a reliable outsourcing in Europe, understand your business goals first and then provide outsource IT support tailored to your needs. Above & beyond, with live chat support an agent can engage simultaneously with more than one customer. Thus, reducing the management and operating cost.

  • Live chat yields greater satisfaction

Live chat support virtually provides an in-store experience and presents you with an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage. Real-time chat support builds a direct conversation with your buyer and even helps in retaining their trust. Without a reliable live chat, it would become impossible to handle massive customer requests, especially during holidays and seasonal sales.

  • Increases conversion rate

The ‘CHAT NOW’ feature can turn online users into your loyal customers. Live chat enables you to answer customer questions and respond to their issues quickly. On the contrary, live chat outsourcing will make your customers feel valued, resulting in increased sales and retention.

Looking for outsourcing in Europe?

Bear in mind: customers trust your brand for many reasons, and good support service is certainly one of them. If you really want to speed up the sales cycle, you’ve got to implement live chat support into your website.

SIMETRIX SOLUTIONS help desk outsourcing is easily adaptable to the requirements of your company and makes it possible to provide excellent customer support at a competitive cost.

Since incorporation, SIMETRIX SOLUTIONS has made a significant investment in IT support. Amid the latest technology and expertise, we bring you live chat technology with unique functionality in reporting, notification, responsiveness, and smart case management.

With SIMETRIX SOLUTIONS, you PAY FOR THE SERVICES YOU ACQUIRE. Our IT support solution fulfills your requirements specific to operations. Therefore, making our customer service outsourcing extremely budget-friendly. For more details, contact us today.


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