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Outsourcing & Marketing – Yes, they are linked together.

Outsourcing & Marketing – Yes, they are linked together.

Unlike marketing, customer support is usually seen as a daunting expedition. Though it might not act as a money-maker tool, a brilliant customer support outsourcing certainly leads to more satisfied customers and perform better than the ad.

Outsourcing and Marketing
Marketing and outsourcing

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  • Ensure Consistency
  • It helps you stand out
  • Customer care outsourcing prevents crisis

Bear in mind: 80% of customers scrap a planned purchase or transaction because of a poor customer care regime. So next time you think of implementing positive change in the business process, adopt a marketing mindset into your customer care services – and customer care mindset in your marketing tactics. By doing so, you’ll be able to ‘Build Your Brand Identity.’

Yes, customer support outsourcing is a part of marketing operations – and the most vital one.

Patrons discuss customer service a lot. Amid poor response, your ads, word-of-mouth, and other marketing tools can lose their charm very quickly. Your existing customers will likely purchase one from someone else – one with exceptional tech support.

Why should you treat customer care outsourcing as an essential part of marketing strategy?

The answer is relatively simple – consumers buy from a brand they trust. In order to fall into the customers priority list, you need to have a channel to build a personal relationship. From selling through marketing to retention strategy, an exception serves as the backbone to key business operations. You should take customer support outsourcing seriously because:

  • It Helps You Stand Out

In today’s competitive marketplace, keeping up with the customer’s expectations is the hardest job. That’s why many businesses plan to outsource IT support to 3rd party agencies. When an external team of professionals manage your customers, you gain an opportunity to focus on other relevant & important things such as marketing your newly launched products/services with an intriguing offer or retaining your existing set of customers. On the contrary, professionally managed customer support sparks a positive word of mouth – helping your brand be the first choice for prospects.

  • Customer care outsourcing prevents crisis

70% of buying decisions are based on positive feedback & ratings. Customers talk about poor support a lot than you think. One bad review on social media can escalate a crisis – particularly during seasonal sales – and that is unbearable. Getting an inbound call center creates a win-win situation with intelligent customer service.

  • Ensure Consistency

Outsourcing offers your businesses the opportunity for massive growth. Its influence is broadly observed in sales, R&D, product development, operations and marketing departments. Where marketing fuels your company’s sales, customer support outsourcing acts as the voice of your products/services, protects your brand, and safeguards your customers’ interest.

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