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Outbound Calling to a Medical Supplies Distribution Center

Outbound Calling to a Medical Supplies Distribution Center

This client was struggling to find a way to connect with potential customers. It was finding it difficult to provide a satisfactory service to its customers, due to a lack of qualified sales staff. The client was looking for a way to provide excellent customer service, and increase its sales. 

Client Requirement

The client wanted to increase its sales, and was looking for a way to connect with customers quickly and easily. This client was looking for a way to increase its sales by increasing its outbound calling.
The client also wanted a system that could quickly and easily connect with potential customers, and provide them with accurate information about the products that they were selling.

Business Challenge

The client was unable to connect with its customers. Potential customers were finding the firm’s phone services a challenge, as it did not provide reliable service 24/7 or on weekends.

The company needed a solution that would allow them access to their clients’ businesses whenever they required. This problem increased costs and prevented the business from increasing its sales for many years until this was resolved.

Solution Provided

Simetrix Solutions was able to provide highly qualified sales staff who could demonstrate its ability through phone call technology. Simetrix provided the client with a fully integrated and easy-to-use calling solution that allowed it to connect with source clients, increase its outbound calls, and dramatically improve customer happiness ratings within the business.

Soon after implementation of our service, an overwhelming percentage of customers rated their experience as being far better than before.


The client increased its outbound calls by 1320% and sales grew by 12%. The average speed of serving customers improved from 32 seconds to 4 secs.

With the above increase in product sold, our clients were able at last to serve more potential prospects, with highly qualified staff working for them 24/365 days per year! Simetrix went on to provide many other successful services for this business division.

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