Outbound Calling To A Massage Equipment Supplier

In order to stay competitive, the massage equipment supplier was looking for a way to increase its sales and to save on costs. The client had outsourced its outbound calling to Simetrix Solutions because of the many benefits that it could offer.

Client Requirement

The client needed to hire an outbound call center in order to increase sales and customer satisfaction. The client required a system that could quickly and easily connect with potential customers, and allow them to purchase massage equipment.

Business Challenge

The main challenge the client faced was the fact that the company was relatively new to the market. The company had only been in business for about a year, and was still working on building a strong customer base. The client was not able to find a good outbound call center that could help increase sales. The client was also worried that a call center would negatively impact its brand and image.

Solution Provided

Simetrix Solutions provided an automated system that connected with potential customers through telesales calls. The system was designed to quickly and easily navigate customers through the sales process, and provide them with accurate information about the massage equipment. The system was also able to automatically generate quotes and proposals, which helped the massage equipment supplier to save on processing time.


The massage equipment supplier was able to increase its sales by outsourcing its outbound calling. The system provided accurate information to customers, and helped to save on processing time. Our services helped the client save on costs, increase sales and increase customer satisfaction.

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