Live Chat Services to Gaming Startup

This gaming startup needed faster service performance than they had been able to get with their current live chat provider.

 – Since this company was still in its early stages, doing business with them was incredibly important to their growth in the marketplace, so they had to ensure that all of their customers received a satisfying service experience while still ensuring they could provide this level of performance with reasonable prices..

Client Requirement

The client had just started beta testing their newly released video game and they needed feedback from their beta testers and relied upon Simetrix Solutions professionalism to handle that rather then an in app solutions in the video game.

Business Challenge

The primary concern faced by this startup was the service performance provided to their customers. Since they chose to have a live chat option with them instead of having someone visit via phone, there were times when they had better performances than others while other teams seemed as though none of them had ever learned how to do customer support well or at all.

Solution Provided

We evaluated the client’s needs and provided them with a live chat solution that would allow them to provide better service performance than their previous vendor had given. We also offered quality of support and pricing alternatives that the client was able to determine for themselves saving them additional time and money on other projects as well.


After having seen the results immediately of switching to our live chat solution, they were able to give feedback on which features worked and which ones did not within a week. After that point, we were consistently providing regular reports back regarding their needs and how it was going.

As far as results go, the client has continued to see great increase in their overall revenues with our solution. They even noticed a 12% boost in agent productivity through live chat sessions as well, which was phenomenally more than the 6-8 percent that they would normally expect.

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