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Live Chat Outsourcing – Reach Out To Customers Wherever They Are

Live Chat Outsourcing - Reach Out To Customers Wherever They Are

Live chat outsourcing is mostly preferred for seamless customer management. With minimal investment, you can improve your customer care standards.

live chat outsourcing
Live chat outsourcing

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  • Reduce response time
  • Measure real-time feedback
  • Automate conversational triggers
  • Good linguistic skills

60% of the users prefer to live chat with agents (instead of phone or email). Since a team of professionals is managing customer support outsourcing, you don’t need to worry about the training, etiquettes, or work standards – and can expect best-in-class performance.

Yes, live chat is resourceful. But why should I consider outsourcing? First of all, customer support is all about bringing a new change in the existing regime, where you have to make sure that your team has the right skills for managing customer’s needs daily. Otherwise, your business will have to compensate for shortcomings in this area. Empathy, patience, consistency, clear communication, knowledge, and work ethics are normally the skills you should look for in customer service. However, the most organization often neglect “adaptability.” Every customer inquiry is unique. Thus, your team should be able to handle surprises, sense customer’s temper, and bring change accordingly.

How Does Live Chat Outsourcing Ensure Excellent Conversational Support?

  • Reduce Response Time

There’s a reason why 70% of customers prefer live chat for instant response. The response time is almost 1/3rd compared to phone or email. Since it bridges the communication gap b/w the agents and customers, your online users (prospects) can expect an immediate resolution to their questions and queries without making them for days.

  • You Can Measure Real-Time Feedback

After Every Chat. Today, almost all live chat solutions come with pre-installed feedback and rating options, which helps you monitor the effectiveness of the agent’s performance and further helps in identifying the key areas for further improvement.

  • Automated conversational triggers

Automated triggers are more like a pop-up, which evidently boosts live chat sales conversions. It could be a simple salutation, a warm welcome back quote, a discount/offer, or any friendly message. The sole purpose is to engage without interfering. The best time to trigger live chat is when users are idle or lingering.

  • It is stress-free, and even sales agents love it

It is not easy to maintain a “positive tone” over call or email all the time. But with live chat outsourcing, the “enthusiasm” never runs out of stock. Even the agents love it because (a) it enormously influences customer’s purchase decisions. (b) Live chat support leads to conversion and sales, and most importantly, (c) it’s a great way to strengthen customer relationships at a fraction of cost.

  • Good linguistic skills

With live chat, your agents can communicate with good linguistic skills, which plays a main part in enticing customers. Agencies like SIMETRIX SOLUTIONS even offer multilingual live chat outsourcing to companies around the globe. This is vital for maintaining a consistent brand voice across all channels.


Live chat outsourcing is undeniably a practical solution to communicate with your audience. But is it enough? In most cases, a business needs a 360 degree to outsource IT support strategy. Most communication happens when a chat is over. Chances are, you will need to follow up with your customer via email or call for additional support. In this case, inbound and outbound call solutions and helpdesk outsourcing can provide true value.


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