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Live Chat & Help Desk Outsourcing – 2 Solutions, 1 Goal

Live Chat & Help Desk Outsourcing - 2 Solutions, 1 Goal

Helpdesk outsourcing and Live Chat outsourcing work like a go-to solution for your entire communication with clients/customers worldwide.

Live Chat help desk outsourcing
Live chat, helpdesk

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  • Instant and cost effective
  • Boost customer productivity
  • Boost customer engagement
  • All-inclusive support at a fingertip
  • Efficient monitoring and tracking
  • Quality improvement

At SIMETRIX SOLUTIONS, we prepare teams, prepare a unique response and streamline all your efforts. Where live chat works as a standalone solution, the helpdesk takes things even further – a more like ticketing system with multiple mailboxes and teams. In short, helpdesk outsourcing takes the best live chat features and provides quality customer assistance and support.

But which one should you choose? Deciding b/w live chat and helpdesk often comes to your business needs & requirements. Though they both provide around-the-clock customer support solution to all size businesses, the only difference is their features & functionality.

Benefits of implementing a help desk outsourcing solution into your business

  • All-inclusive support at a fingertip

Helpdesk outsourcing service ensures a one-stop solution for all customer/client support, queries, complaints and provides steadfast assistance.

  • Efficient Monitoring and Tracking

Helpdesk is perfectly suited to those who want to provide reliable support with a proper record. With a helpdesk solution, you can easily monitor & track complaints or service requests raised by users.

  • Quality improvement

Helpdesk is an advanced customer care management solution to improve the quality of customer support. Its in-built tools and features allow organizations to track common problems, particularly bugs or problems in products, software, service & solution – evidently helping organizations take a proactive approach in improvising its offering.

Benefits of implementing Live Chat outsourcing solution into your business

  • Instant & cost effective

If you want to bridge the communication gap and get customers’ questions answered immediately, live chat surely won’t disappoint you. With live chat, your customers can reach you instantly to get their questions or problems resolved. Even the response rate is much better. Live chat, undoubtedly, is a much better alternative to sending emails to a support team.

  • Boost customer productivity

Live chat lets your agents build relationships & understanding with customers. It is also helpful in improving the productivity of your agents. Also, live chat accentuates multitasking. A representative can handle more than one customer/client simultaneously. With quality live chat outsourcing, agents can read the customer’s message while also reviewing other details such as shipping status, order details, etc.

  • Boost customer engagement

Since live chat works for the business 24/7, it can give you an edge over your competitors. Think about it; through live chat, an agency can play a crucial role in conversion, sales, marketing, and retention strategy.

The verdict: Surprisingly, most customers favor live chat over phone or email for immediate interaction. Why? Because it’s fast, efficient, and convenient. Helpdesk, on the other hand, is the most advanced version of live chat, where customers can raise tickets, maintain previous chat records, and read recent resolution or users FAQ’s. From what we have observed, most companies find tremendous value in help desk outsourcing once they start seeing its positive implication on organizational performance.

If you are still confused about the live chat & help desk, call our experts today. SIMETRIX SOLUTIONS will answer all your questions & queries related to IT customer care outsourcing. Amid our guidance, you’d be able to choose your service wisely.


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