Is your outbound telemarketing scoring 10 out of 10?

There are two main types of telemarketing – inbound and outbound.

Outbound telemarketing

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  • Connect with clients/customers in their native language
  • Use a non-spam number for outbound calls
  • Focus on the quality of leads instead of the quantity of leads
  • Communicate regularly

Instead of waiting to be found by clients or customers, you make a subtle call with a motive to make them aware of your brand, recent product launch, seasonal sales or limited discount.

It is one of the industries that deals directly with customers and needs high performance and efficiency standards. However, you need to make sure that it is scoring 10 out of 10.

  • 2 on productivity
  • 3 on customer and prospect relations
  • 3 on procedures and processes
  • 2 on collaboration on goals

All of this plays a crucial role in determining the quality of outbound marketing. Now that you’ve got a rough idea let’s discuss all factors in detail.  


Most entrepreneurs confuse outbound calling with the cold calling process. In cold calling, you target the list of prospects and hope for a miracle – outbound call requires a strategy and more depth. With outbound calling, you have to focus & improvise on your pitch, research your audience and drive value. The conversation leads to interest, where constant follow-ups lead to conversion. In short, outbound calling eventually helps you get a new customer.

Tips to improve call productivity

  • Focus on the quality of leads instead of the quantity of leads.
  • Replace Manual Dialing with Automatic Dialers.
  • Get professionals on the job.
  • Use a non-spam number for outbound calls.
  • Connect with clients/customers in their native language.


It sounds easy but very difficult to nurture. Customer and prospect relationships play a crucial role in improving the brand aura of a business. It is also a secret mantra for long-term business success, and the challenge is to accentuate trust. 

  • Developing an influential pitch – one that makes sense
  • Communicate regularly
  • Nurture your online community (via help desk)
  • Stay legit with your words, terms & conditions and offerings.


Managing outbound calls might seem like a simple concept— you call, & you answer it— but many leading outsourcing companies know that there’s an art and science to outbound calls that ensure best-in-class services. One should know that users need information, and the best way to spark a conversation is to create a dialogue, blend statement and keep the conversation flowing.

  • Establish a call model, i.e., a strategy of helping a caller to make the conversation.
  • Enlist customer/client statements and questions to control the conversation.
  • Get the caller’s name correct – it is necessary for the sake of professionalism.
  • Understand product & service description in detail – pros, possible cons, features and why it’s better than others.
  • Be prepared to overcome objections.


Outbound calling requires a perfect collaboration between the customer care, sales and marketing departments. This is necessary to streamline all the activities related to sales and helps in specifying goals & KPI’s. Before proceeding, it is very important to:

  • Draft a worthwhile listing.
  • Develop a virtuous feedback loop.
  • Evaluate the lead generation process.
  • Keep a proper track and report on the outbound call process.

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