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Is there a better way to manage high inbound call volume?

Is there a better way to manage high inbound call volume?

Inbound calls (when a business receives incoming calls from customers or clients with issues or questions) can be unmanageable. However, some companies run them internally at their offices, while most of them choose customer support outsourcing.

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  • Onboard skilled telemarketers via outsourcing
  • Integrate live chat
  • Offer call back services

Excessive inbound calls during seasonal call spikes or occasional times are often considered a good sign for business. But while the call volume is more than your expectations, it can overwhelm your business’ prosperity, potentially alienating your customers trust and ravaging your good name in the marketplace.

This is exactly where customer care outsourcing is deemed highly valuable.

If something is going right (or wrong) with your inbound calls, outsourcing IT support like SIMETRIX SOLUTIONS can help you sustain the surge or escape the storm – but most importantly, helping you to serve all of your customers better.

  • Integrate Live Chat

Live chat can help your customers get quick answers to their basic questions & queries. The majority of consumers are ok with text-based online chat. Besides, it is the most intuitive way to resolve customer questions and queries without wasting hours of the agent’s time. Collaborating Live chat with Tech Support Level 1 further opens the door for smooth cross-channel interaction and improves your chances of getting conversions from high-intent customers.

Today’s Live chat even comes with a built-in FAQ to answer basic and complicated questions users normally ask and help in delivering more natural conversations, too.

  • Onboard skilled telemarketers via outsourcing

When businesses experience inbound call surges, wait time increases and customer satisfaction decreases. This is a stressful juncture for any business – either you can hire more people & train them – or you can hire an outsourcing agency with skilled telemarketers and let them do the brilliant work for your company.  In case of a massive surge in customer demand, customer support outsourcing can give your business the needed traction and you don’t feel struggled to meet new customers.  To put up in precise words, outsourcing constantly prepares to handle an unanticipated surge.

  • Offer Call Back Services

Everybody hates waiting on hold for hours. Callback services are very much in demand to effectively handle impatient customers and often lead to a better experience. Bear in mind, 60% of customers feel that even 1 minute of hold time is too much. Thus, call back services are undoubtedly effective solutions to handle high inbound calls without compromising the agent’s capacity.

We all struggle to meet customer demand – and in the pandemic, you can’t afford to hire and train new reps. So you might want to consider SIMETRIX SOLUTIONS – one of the trusted outsourcing call centers in Eastern Europe for many businesses in the UK, USA, Canada, and Dubai.

This is a practical option that helps you stay on track with your customer service goals. SIMETRIX SOLUTIONS, with years of experience and expertise in the field of customer IT support, have maintained the utmost standard (that your customers/clients expect from you) and oath to surpass your expectations with personalized solutions. 

By onboarding our telemarketing call center, you can easily push your customer care department to its productivity limit. To know more about SIMETRIX SOLUTIONS, & array of solutions, do stop by at


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