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Is Bad Customer Care Killing Your Sales?

Is Bad Customer Care Killing Your Sales?

Do you know the worst side of bad customer support? Not only you lose sales, but it also puts your reputation at stake. Fortunately, the fix is simple & straightforward.


Bad customer care

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  • Lack of product knowledge
  • Outdated methods of handling complaints
  • Amateurish staff
  • Inefficient management

Being a leading agency in customer support outsourcing, we believe it’s our responsibility to put light on common customer service problems – and how “outsourcing” can improve the standard.

Whenever companies face issues with their customer care department, your trusted clients become impassive, they will complain about it, and this eventually puts a negative aura in all areas of business. In order to make sure that customer service is driving sales in the long run, you’ve got to tap the source of the problem.

The factors that lead to burnout and dissatisfaction are:

  • Amateurish staff

Caring for customers is more like an ART. Thus, it’s important to hire people who are genuinely focused on establishing a remarkable brand interaction, especially during the holiday shopping season. Some key traits every leader should look for are – patience, attentiveness, emotional intelligence, communication skills, creativity in response, product knowledge, and problem-solving skills.

  • Outdated methods of handling complaints

Are you still using traditional methods to handle your customer complaints? If yes, then it is to upgrade. Most businesses are taking advantage of 24/7 ecommerce customer service to handle the problem, questions or queries compassionately. The modern approach to handle customer complaints include live chat support, online ticket submissions, video calling, email and instant messaging. They are all proven to be the best way to handle the hordes of customers compassionately.

  • Lack of product knowledge

Not knowing much about your products or services will also result in poor support. Generally, it is a result of inadequate training. A thorough product knowledge enables anyone to speak confidently about pricing structure, how to use it, important features, and benefits to customers. For a subtle response, one must have the aptitude for knowing the company’s offerings.

Can Outsourcing Solve My Problem?

From what we have observed, outsourcing can be a valuable asset to your company’s growth. The quality of customer care largely depends on the quality of the people you hire. With customer support outsourcing, you don’t have to wait on hold forever. The changes are spontaneous.

Outsourcing will improve your company’s sales rapport because:

  • Through outsourcing, you bring the brightest talent to meet the company’s need.
  • You can put more effort into sales and marketing.
  • You have greater access to talent – trained, experienced and professional outsourced teams.
  • The quality of the work remains high all season.

Let’s transform to better……

Transforming your customer support from mediocre to winning won’t happen overnight. It requires an earnest commitment to meaningful change. The outsourcing team of SIMETRIX SOLUTIONS have the right skills and attitude to handle customers and are committed to establishing a highly responsive support team under your budget.

Since the beginning, SIMETRIX SOLUTIONS has offered a one-stop solution to customer care and support outsourcing for national and international companies. To know more about our outsourcing services, do contact us today.


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