Helpdesk Services to a UK-based Retail Chain

This client was supplying retail outfits with high-end, innovative and stylish products such as electronics, gaming systems kits etc. It wanted to add a helpdesk function to its technology. 

 – This was a very novel idea in the United Kingdom, as such services were unheard of before! Simetrix Solutions built them a bespoke booking system, without which they would have had no way to manage these clients’ new store-front and online offers.

Client Requirement

The client was involved in developing new lines of business and wanted its customers to start using the helpdesk link on its website. The reason was that this would make their clients part of a comprehensive system that would monitor customer enquiries, address them quickly and keep a record for future reference. It also allows advice from management staff with access to all records at any time.

Business Challenge

The client’s target market is the UK higher end retail context. We knew that they wanted to operate a helpdesk offering and not just sell similar types of products at store-front locations, which would be so common in those countries…so our challenge was how could this new technology allow us to better serve their niche clients?

The client needed to handle enquiries efficiently through a quote book and managed call (helpdesk) function. This system allows customers to request an item before purchasing it, by placing real-time orders for goods with the help desk staff. All these transactions are recorded in hard copy form on agreed paper trails that record every important detail such as current prices and previous requests made.

The cost of running this system would have been very high without outsourcing, so client choose Simetrix Solutions to handle their online helpdesk platform. That’s because we have built proven and extensive experience in re-engineering the customer service infrastructure across Europe! We offered a simple, cost-effective solution that was easy to operate and reliable.

Solution Provided

We sketched a solution to handle the basic requirements of the call helpdesk. That would include an automated system for quoting requests, followed by item-based orders. A sales & inventory control center that allows both internal and external staff to manage their own products was also designed along with a full messaging platform for inbound enquiries over the phone etc.

We worked closely with the client throughout this project’s life cycle giving feedback on regulations we had set aside or changed as new requirements from clients arose. This client was happy to try all new ideas and technologies that we had created for them. They knew they would only get the best service from Simetrix Solutions, which has added greatly to their decision-making process when outsourcing services in general.

The solution combines an automated sales quote system with a coded help desk application for product enquiries over the phone or via email. We implemented many of our proven roles & interfaces into this system, like tasklist, order tracking capabilities, product pricing and other features.


The client used our helpdesk software for 3 years, which helped the client to fully optimize their helpdesk process. Client was very happy to choose Simetrix as their outsourcers of choice. The decision was made because the software delivered a reliable service at an affordable price and better ROI than in-house solutions often do when quoting etc., which is always important to any business owner.

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