Getting Too Many Customers Complaints?

The most tiresome and challenging task for a business is to provide a holistic customer service in a rapid turnaround time, particularly if you are trying to cater to various customers’ needs.

Customer Complaints

Too many customers complaints

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  • Do a follow up
  • Take them seriously
  • Answer queries immediately

Each of them has a distinctive personality and demands a unique customer experience, which most businesses clearly overlook.

“Your satisfied customers are your greatest asset”- thus, you need to take care of your customers complaints appropriately. It is very difficult to survive without reliable customer care support. Of course, you can attract new customers with unique marketing offers, intuitive products, discounts or free gifts. But if you’re not strengthening your relationship with them, they’re not going to purchase again or recommend your products among their social networks.

Why should you do?

Try your best to offer viable solutions for their complaints and make them feel that you care. Enthusiasm & positive response can turn your customers into your most loyal community. Here are the tried & tested tips for dealing with customers:

  • Answer queries immediately

Try to answer all customer inquiries within the day. For a viable response, communicate with the most approachable methods such as email, live chat, video calls or WhatsApp. Let them contact you very quickly. If there’s a delay in response, they might not leave a single chance to express social media dissatisfaction. Hence, try to answer their queries immediately before things go out of control.

  • Take them seriously

Stay calm, be apologetic and listen to your customers seriously. Handling customers grievances is more like an art – only a few can handle their objections with zeal. When something goes wrong, do not engage in laying blame. Try to explain the situation while resolving their problem. It would be best to prepare a refund or return policy, coupons or discounts in advance as a token of appreciation.

  • Do a follow up

A follow up is very important to get started with products or services again. After you resolve their grievance, take the time to build a long-last relationship. One way to do this is to follow up with customers after 24 to 48 hours of their complaint. This showcases your courtesy and professionalism towards your services. Following up even solves problems before they become a major issue.

Too much to handle? Outsource to professionals…

Truth be told, customer care is not as easy as it may seem. For good customer service, a company has to ensure four factors, i.e., enthusiasm, expertise, and proactive.

These factors have a major influence on the customer experience.

SIMETRIX SOLUTIONS is quite a veteran in customer care support and provides a bespoke solution as per the business’s requirements. Our team first understands the customer’s mindsets and begin interacting at a different emotional wavelength and frequency.

Candidates with the finest emotional intelligence are handpicked to handle your customer care projects. They are capable of fine tuning their responses accordingly – being empathetic, thoughtful, thorough, and tactful.

To get a complete idea of our customer support services and outsourcing businesses, contact us today.


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