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Email Support Services To a US-based Insurance Company

Email Support Services To a US-based Insurance Company

The client was a leading financial services and health insurance company. This particular division of the business had not purchased email contact lists, as many companies like to keep their own promotional plans in-house. 

 – However, our service proved extremely useful because it provided simple solutions that any other vendor could offer but they were ultimately unable to turn into an effective selling tool without significant costs or restrictions. Simetrix Solutions reduced those barriers by providing a quality package that provided end users with a cost-effective information marketing solution at no additional charge.

Client Requirement

The company was determined to eliminate the need for typing up and distributing their own promotional. They also wanted email marketing capabilities, so they could directly respond to customer queries.

Finally, they needed something that would improve their messaging management as customers asked repetitive questions or requests of them via emails during different campaigns each year.

Business Challenge

The client was upgrading their email software, so they needed a solution that would maximize their investment in the new system. They also had never before purchased and implemented an automated response service for direct emails without investing any money into it themselves like most other businesses do currently today.

Due to existing poor customer experiences with marketing email systems installed by others, no one at this company fully trusted these services. They wanted to ensure that all their customers receive the same branded professionalism and end-to-end service from email marketing providers like Simetrix Solutions, but this wasn’t clear based on some of their previous experiences with signing up for plans they never completed or losing money during signups as a result of unexpected expenses in activation fees or data packages.

Solution Provided

By providing a comprehensive package with everything they wanted and needed in one place, Simetrix Solutions eliminated any concerns that the client had about seeking competitive offers from other companies.

Additionally, by integrating their marketing communications efforts into a centralized system maintained by Simetrix Solutions via an API call for each campaign is it accessible to all of their employees to record responses, send out email messages based on certain triggers like sales triggered emails or set up relationships according to end-of-campaign metrics like last click or cold email conversion rates.


Simetrix Solutions worked closely with their client throughout the entire process to help them understand how each aspect of what they were looking for fit into our existing solution.

In the end, this client saw a 122% increase in sales over 6 months after implementing Simetrix’s marketing automation services which was supported by 400 leads – an astonishing new email database waiting for conditioning and nurturing via direct messages on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook that ended up generating much more in projected Web sales.

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