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Business with & without live chat outsourcing – What You Are Missing Out?

Business with & without live chat outsourcing – What You Are Missing Out?

Are you looking for the better alternative to the IVR call system? If yes, then it’s time to integrate live chat outsourcing into your customer care department.

business with or without live chat
Business with or without chat

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  • Customers tend to buy more directly via chat
  • Increase sales, credibility and conversions
  • Minimal investment cost

Every business (national and international) aims to respond faster to entice potential customers, but most importantly – its more about leaving a better impression. The advent of the internet laid the foundation for the present-day business regime. The best part, it has also smartened up the way we handle customer support.

The traditional format of the IVR system is really frustrating and doesn’t impress customers. In reality, people are not only willing to use it. The majority of customers look for an immediate interaction from an agent (without dialing any “number”). This is exactly where multilingual live chat support comes into existence.

Businesses without live chat support often stumble on a highly competitive market. On the contrary, an entrepreneur loses an opportunity to build significant credibility. As an aspirant entrepreneur, you must acknowledge the bright side of instant communication online.

The way we handle customer support and communication has changed drastically in recent years. Amid COVID 19, when the entire world was in lockdown, live chat outsourcing emerged as vital to serving your customers instantly. Furthermore, immediate interaction via live chat even minimizes slow response times. That’s why companies are turning to offering live chat outsourcing as their primary communication channel.

Advantages For Businesses with Live Chat Outsourcing

  • Minimal investment cost

Getting started with live chat outsourcing is relatively simple and doesn’t require high investment. It’s fast, easy to set up, easy to use, and the customer adoption rates are ascending too. The number of consumers that use live chat over the phone, website or email support is consistently rising. In fact, the response rate is so overwhelming that every startup company wants to be part of a live chat regime.

  • Increase sales, credibility and conversions

One of the major benefits of live chat outsourcing is the potential to increase credibility, conversion and sales. Live chat is the most effective way to “chat” with prospects and customers. In addition to phone and email, live chat is seen as a voluntary customer care outsourcing. It has been tried & tested; live chat can contribute to 30% of the conversion rate. By offering customers a rapid customer care channel to their questions, live chat boosts those all-important conversion rates, ultimately improving revenue.

  • Customers tends to buy more directly via live chat

With live chat, customers can (a) talk to the sales team, (b) get suitable product recommendation and (c) get their query resolved on time. For businesses, live chat outsourcing doesn’t leave shoppers self-serving. You can provide sales assistance within your chat. Nearly half of the customers recognized the importance of live chat as the most vital tool a site can provide.

Still working on old methods? Time to move up.

There is a glaring hole in most businesses today. Brands keep marketing the way ahead in the game but neglect the importance of customer care. Hope you understand that – “Customer expectation are growing, and there’s a less room for error.” With SIMETRIX SOLUTIONS, you don’t have to deal with technicalities involved with the live chat implementation. Our multilingual outsource IT support solution and services represent modern customer care and personalized as per the individual business needs.

For reliable outsourcing in Europe, contact SIMETRIX SOLUTIONS today.


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