Back Office Support to a Luxury Goods Company

The client originally outsourced all their work to different suppliers and people in the UK. They made a mistake for outsourcing too much work to one company, which stopped them from continuously providing customer service.

 – The client had such a high volume of enquiries that they could not afford the expenditure on hiring an outsourcer specialised in this area so they decided to outsource all their back-office support to Simetrix Solutions to generate more revenue and overall better service.

Client Requirement

The company had experienced personnel shortages in their back-office support team, due to low recruitment numbers and they needed more hands-on deck. The client was looking to develop its own back-office administration services and was considering outsourcing this area to both Simetrix Solutions, as well as another supplier.

Business Challenge

One of the pressures on customer service was the lack of staff to reply to phone enquiries and calls, as well as overall time delays. It became one big bottleneck that they could not overcome with a few people in the office.

The client wanted Simetrix Solutions’ expert support team because they believed its management would solve this scarcity problem and so improve their front-end response rates which often resulted in less consistent levels of interaction with customers because of slow inbound calls.

In addition, the client wanted a suite of standard back-office services and was bringing forward more complex administration sections which they needed to know how they functioned before embarking on additional activities such as handling new product lines and integrating whole back-office systems.

Solution Provided

We implemented a suite of back-office administration services for the client. We focused on developing standardized service delivery processes which were clearly defined and well appreciated by staff, as well as reducing costs through our proactive communication with management to review their progress against targets agreed at budget sign-off.


Despite the client’s initial skepticism, our approach to listening closely and quickly reacting in a very consultative manner with the best ideas pulled them into this new mode of operation that required radical changes.

Employees felt they had resources at their disposal, whilst we maintained efficiencies on cost per call per hour achieved by stretching across separate functions as part of one system run post implementation deployment centrally through single sign-on processes provided all staff access to the new back-office tasks automatically.

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