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5 Things Customers expect from Level 2 IT Tech Support

5 Things Customers expect from Level 2 IT Tech Support

Most IT related inquiries can be easily handled by Tech Support Level 1. Tech Support Level 2 is specifically designed to understand complex user enquiries.

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  • Tech enabled support
  • Escalate new issues to level 3
  • Software installations
  • Troubleshooting
  • Configuration issues

This level evidently requires trained and qualified professionals with in-depth knowledge of products, services or software.

In a digital good and its services world, a tech support is accredited as a part of exquisite customer experience. It greatly helps in pushing the IT products forward.

In case of technical fault or malfunction, pioneer customer support outsourcing can help users resolve tech problems. The support varies in terms of complexity and how widespread your business is. The level 2 tech support outsourcing can assist users via chats, email, text messages, video, online tutorials, how-to blogs, live chat, and other software programs.

If you are planning to outsource Tech Support Level 2, you need to find an agency that can help you with:

  • Configuration Issues

The problem arises during the installation or setup phase. Configuration issues are a result of mismatches between the system’s programmed specifications and the actual hardware installed in the system. It can either be a software, hardware or operating system problem. Many users often look for customer support to sort out problems. Customer care outsourcing allows you to manage, organize and respond to all configuration issues.

  • Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting is an organized approach to problem-solving, particularly for issues concerned with sudden system breakdown, equipment problems or software bugs. If you are dealing in software’s, machine or IT products, it becomes imperative to have a troubleshooting component equipped with your Tech Support Level 2 services.

  • Software Installations

The primary goal of customer support is to simplify the debugging during the installation phase. The Tech Support Level 2 should be well aware of the most common problems encountered in the installation process. Your team should be able to perform fixing/repairing tasks precisely.

  • Escalate new issues to level 3

The tech support level 3 is known as the most advanced IT support level, which handles queries related to database administration, infrastructure, data center, file shares and other IT infra issues. In short, your customer tech support must have the ability to deploy solutions to new problems. Only then can you expect a go-to team to solve complex issues.

  • Tech enabled support

Abundance users expect their brand to offer a highly responsive tech support system. This includes the help desk, email, phone or video call, live chat and instant message support. In the world of smartphones, users can expect immediate interaction and resolution instantly. Thus, your tech support must include creative ways to reach (or let them reach).

Do you know that 80% of unhappy customers do not return to your business? That’s right, you may have the most outstanding software, products or services, but if your customer support fails to address the user’s complaint, then you can say goodbye to your revenue.

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