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What Works and What Doesn’t – Strategic Priorities For Post COVID 19 Business

What Works and What Doesn’t – Strategic Priorities For Post COVID-19 Business

COVID-19 pandemic has changed the landscape of businesses all around the globe.

what works and what doesn't
Strategy for Post Covid-19 Business

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  • In-house customer care won’t work
  • Phone based won’t work
  • The old ways of telemarketing won’t work
  • You’ll rely less on inhouse staff

Those who are instigating “return to work” strategies will now have to operate smartly to outpace their competitors. It’s not only about growth anymore. The strategic priorities for post-COVID 19 business demand a new perspective. We need to evolve the outdated mindset that employees being in an office is an actual business priority – not anymore.

As we begin getting back on building a subtle strategy, it is crystal clear that the workplace impact will not be a temporary one, and you can’t take this for granted. Organizations that can change how they work will outpace their competitors and remain robust in the near future.

In-house customer care won’t work – outsourcing will thrive.

We’d recommend leveraging some activities to a third party, particularly telemarketing, inbound and outbound calls and customer care. For instance, some agencies, SIMETRIX SOLUTIONS, are very good at handling the nitty-gritties of customer support. Besides, their technology and workforce come with a great advantage and are highly valued for improvising support services to your customers. Meanwhile, the remaining team of our company can continue to be productive working remotely.

Phone based won’t work – live chat will endure.

Live chat has witnessed unprecedented and unforeseen growth in the digital and e-commerce sectors. It has boomed like a fire. At present, business strategy is focused on health first. Live chat ensures better customer service without compromising the health of the sales agent and even yield 100% satisfaction. 8 out of 10 customers expect better customer service amid and post covid pandemic. Through live chat, your agents can handle more than one client simultaneously, which ultimately minimizes the workload and gets more empathetic or more responsive.

The old ways of telemarketing won’t work – value driven will work

Telemarketing fits perfectly within a customer-centric approach. The only difference you need to make is the approach. Just like other business tactics, telemarketing has evolved a lot amid the pandemic. Today, clients/customers seek a value proposition instead of a sales pitch. If your customers are in control and loyal to your brand, it’s a hard-won prize

  • Know your prospects
  • Make a connection
  • Listed and understand
  • Identify value – does your offer replicates your brand value
  • Be genuine
  • Stay for the long run

You’ll rely less on inhouse staff – help desk will be your buddy system

Consider help desk outsourcing. It can sound peculiar but think about it.

As an emerging company, you should try to put a positive spin at the moment. The help desk is an innovative way to manage remote customer support teams. Besides live chat, email, or phone tech support, the help desk is a reliable tool and often comes with features like:

  • Proactive chat support – you can offer assistance immediately.
  • Visitor tracking & chat rating.
  • Easy chat routing to other operators.
  • Smart trigger
  • Chat records and file transfer
  • Build-in FAQ features
  • Reports and Analytics – to monitor key information such as chat histories, conversion tracking, user details and average time spent chatting.

Hope this article has given you all the insights you need on what works and what doesn’t in post covid era business world. During the pandemic, many companies have either given up their conventional business regime or reduced office size. Communication tools, customer-management applications, telemarketing, etc., will experience a prominent boost in the coming year.

If you’re planning to build a remote team for your emerging business, please reach out to us.


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