The Day Care Center Obtained a Cold Calling Solution

Client needed to provide their facility with a highly efficient, innovative solution that would be able to do everything from telemarketing to text and white-labeled responding to incoming calls in as few seconds as possible.

Client Requirement

They needed a highly impactful way to target consumers and prospect customers through cold calling in order to help drive their sales and profit margins past the bottom line.

Business Challenge

They wanted a reliable solution that would operate as promised, as well one seamless system from data entry all the way through to marketing push emails being developed for pre-qualified prospects who had decided on signing up with them.

Solution Provided

Simetrix Solutions was able to provide an unparalleled solution that was able to follow-through with their business plan and help them achieve both financial goals. We provided them with what they needed, when they were going to need it.

We handled all the touch points in order that they not waste any time while their customers are calling and on hold.

We even provided ways for them to utilize the routine maintenance of our solution as well by connecting calls with data entry into a database so that it was fully automated offering exceptional accuracy. This eliminated mistakes and speeding up every step within Telemarketing Management System greatly alleviating stress throughout the process.

Simetrix Solutions greatly assisted with the optimizing and closing of sales, sending qualified leads to business development reps via seeded campaigns in a matter of seconds without delay or misstep.


Through our support, we were able to assist them with earning projected returns of over $1 million in just their first month of implementing Telemarketing Management System.

With only 5 months into the system being implement, we even provided a special solution for taking care of essential ongoing business requirements that needed attention from Data entry managers as well as server and database administrators so they would not be red-tape.

We were truly able to provide the solution that covered all bases and helped them succeed during a trying time in their business.

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