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Outsourced Technical Support Services - L1, L2 Tech Support

Simetrix Solutions has 10+ years of experience in providing outsourced technical support services to companies in USA, UK, Germany and Canada. With a strong professional background, well trained agents, and innovation, we can deliver impeccable outcomes under highly competitive market challenges.

Our managed IT Support Services incorporate industry-standard processes and have surpassed the expectations of many companies. Easy integrations, Expert led services and Proactive Support -  Give us a chance to demonstrate everything in detail.

Find the Right Fit

Choosing Simetrix Solutions as your next Tech Support provider is better and inexpensive than the overall budget of the in-house team. Also, our tech support service is unique and designed as per industry standards. We customize each services & BPO solutions as per the client needs. Thus, you pay only for the services you acquire. 

L1 technical support

Level 1 Tech Support Services offer users a direct support from an agent attending a call, email, or live chat. L1 Technical Support provides basic support, helps in resolving troubleshooting, and figuring out the underlying problem. The support services deal with equipment & networking troubleshooting, ticket management, etc.

L2 technical support

Level 2 Tech Support Services cover complex or hard to solve problems. Agents have in-depth understanding of company's products and services. They follow-up inquiries from L1 agents and is perfectly suitable for Ecommerce and IT businesses. The support services include - Troubleshooting/resolution, configuration management, etc.

L3 technical support

Level 3 tech support services consist of a development team and are often accredited as the last line of support. The team take inquiries from L1 and L2, and handles the most difficult problems. The support services include - Fixing Defects, Minor Enhancements, Root Cause Analysis and Performance Tuning & Capacity planning.

PROS of Technical Support Services

Getting started with tech support services (integration and overall management) is a simple and straightforward process. It is much easier & inexpensive than hiring, training, managing and streamlining in house team. Of course, Simetrix Solutions will also give you the best L1, L2 and L3 tech support agents and a dedicated project manager working closely - but most importantly, our commitment to ensure best in class services. 


Explain your business's agenda

What do you do? What's your Goal? What products or services you sell? What customers are you targeting?

Decide the Level and skills required

What level of technical support services you generally require and define the skills you think are necessary for an agent.

Mention the Timezone and language

Tech support services work flawlessly for users in their native language. If you're looking for a multilingual technical support solution, say explicitly what languages you want to cover.

Why Choose Simetrix Solutions

Simetrix Solutions is a professional managed BPO call center and 24x7 live chat support service provider with history since 2010. Today we’re a proud team of veterans who thrive on rolling up their sleeves and solving your customer care & IT support problems – by meeting your business needs.

Budget Friendly

Swift, easy, and convenient tech support service under your budget. We designed the plan to meet your business needs, which evidently helps in fulfilling your marketing & sales goals.


We outsource technical support services in multiple languages. You can hire native speakers as customer support agents. We cover English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Greek, etc.

Quality Support

Our agents are well-trained and do not hesitate in going the extra mile to provide a superior customer experience. They are carefully chosen to deliver impeccable services.

Future Proof

We provide bespoke call center services by anticipating your current and future needs. From help desk to outsource IT support, telemarketing and lead generation - we deliver them all.

100% Response Time

Most important attribute of our tech support service is fast response time. Our agents can work 24/7 and respond to customer inquiries in rapid turnaround time.


We understand your business better than others. Our tech support customer care can be adapted to Ecommerce, Transportation & logistics, Travel, Hospitality, Retail & IT space.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some Frequently asked Pre Sales questions from existing clients.

Tech support is a must for companies dealing in IT, software, apps, digital products or services. Outsourcing keeps you prepared to meet an unexpected shift or rise in inquiries. 

Most of the support technicians you hire at Simetrix Solutions are considered experts in their field.

Simetrix Solutions, compared to other Technical support companies, provides personalized solutions and customer services to multiple countries. We welcome clients from the UK, USA, Germany, Canada, Europe, Asia and Dubai.

The standards of our tech support services remain persistent - we do not compromise on the quality of our services.

The cost of tech support services & outsourcing mainly depends on the type of customer care services you're planning for your business. Thus, before enrolling in any Technical support companies, we'd recommend calling our experts and let us give you a viable quotation based on your requirements. 

Of course. You can outsource agents, train them with your system and integrate them with your business needs.

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