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Outsourcing Services for Your Backoffice and Front office Needs

At Simetrix Solutions, we endeavor to provide innovative and state-of-the-art services that meet and exceed your expectations. We help businesses to achieve the best solutions and realize the desired goals. Our core areas include Customer Support, Data Entry Services, Call Center Services, Content Moderation, Business Process Outsourcing and Consulting Services.

Simetrix is a global outsourcing company offering a wide range of services to help your business achieve its goals. Our friendly, highly-skilled and dedicated staff combines the best talent to deliver exceptional value and performance. We take great pride in our dynamic culture and creative environment, which we believe are key ingredients for success.

Find the Right Fit

We make sure that your project fits your requirements and your budget. We listen to your needs and offer you suggestions that allow you to make the best choice. We have customized solutions that are cost effective and allow you to fine-tune your investment.

Simetrix Solutions' team of professionals can help your business achieve specific, predictable results. We strive for innovative approaches and deliver only the best outsourcing solutions. We have a proven track record of exceptional performance in many successful projects.

Back Office Support

Back-office support is the kind of outsourcing service where a company’s back-end processes can be managed by another company. This includes things like accounting, payroll, benefits and information technology. Back-office support can be outsourced to lower the cost of running it in-house.

Call Center

Call Center inbound and outbound is the most outsourced service among outsourcing services. It is mostly outsourced for customer support, telemarketing, appointment setting with solutions like Business to Business or Business to Client.


Helpdesk is a ticketing system that resolves customer/client issues easily. E-commerce is the main industry that outsources helpdesk services. A well trained helpdesk team will not only resolve customer/client issues, but eventually will get to know your product and service better and improve it, if not innovate it.

Content Moderation

Content moderation services involve going through submitted content to censor anything undesirable. This can involve things like checking for inappropriate content in social media, as well as removing violent or sexual content from websites, preventing scam and frauds, counterfeiting, categorization etc.


Email is an important part of a company. Many emails go unanswered leaving clients/customers unhappy with the service. Outsourcing email support to an outsourcing company is the best option to expertly handle the mail channel of your business.

Tech Support

Tech support will assist all your clients IT issues and needs. With tech support there are three levels of support. It starts with Level 1 for minor issues, then by Level 2 that handles moderate issues and last Level 3 which requires a highly skilled agent to resolve really complex and difficult tasks. Level 3 is mostly dedicated.

Data Entry

Data entry services are a very common type of outsourcing service. They involve capturing data and uploading it to the appropriate location be it from invoice, pictures, spreadsheets, specialized software, hand-written, audio etc. Data annotation is also part of our outsourcing services.

Live Chat

Live chat helps easily and conveniently bridge customers to businesses. Live chat off-loads customer interactions from call center support, as people feel comfortable communicating through chat rather than calling.


With omnichannel you can outsource call center, live chat, email, and helpdesk service AIO. With this solution the outsourcing company will be able to manage all your customers interaction through all the available communication channels, delivering more skilled and professional service to your customers or clients.

How to get started?

Getting started is a simple and straightforward process. It is much easier & inexpensive than hiring, training, managing and streamlining in-house team. Of course, SIMETRIX SOLUTIONS will also give you highly trained Agents and Dedicated Project Manager working closely - but most importantly, our commitment to ensure impeccable quality of services. 


Describe your business's agenda

Which type of outsourcing service do you need? Call Center, Content Moderation, Live Chat, Email, Helpdesk, Data Entry, Telemarketing...

Decide the Level and skills required

Define the skills you think are necessary for an agent and sum up how much agents does your business need.

Mention the Timezone and language

Outsourcing Services work flawlessly for audiences in their native language. If you're looking for Multilingual Outsourcing Services, say explicitly what languages you want to cover.

Why Choose Simetrix Solutions

- We offer customized solutions to meet customer's unique business needs.
- Our clients see tangible results from our dedicated and experienced team of consultants.
- We provide low cost and highly scalable services. - We have the expertise of working with global companies.
- We have the flexibility to tailor our services to our customer's needs.
- Our team of experts has the knowledge, skills, and expertise to develop and deliver business solutions.
- We deliver more than our client expect by leveraging our deep domain expertise to create a value proposition where our customer can significantly reduce their overall costs and increase their productivity.
- Our extensive experience in working with global companies and delivering high-quality business insights and outsourcing solutions.

Budget Friendly

Expertly led outsourcing services under your budget. We custom design the plan to meet your business needs, which evidently helps in fulfilling your business needs.


Our outsourcing services are available in multiple languages. You can hire native speakers as customer support agents. We cover English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Greek, etc.

Quality Support

Our agents are well-trained and do not hesitate in going the extra mile to provide a superior service. They are carefully chosen to deliver impeccable service.

Future Proof

We provide bespoke outsourcing services by anticipating your current and future needs. From help desk to tech support, live chat, telemarketing and inbound/outbound call center - we deliver them all.

100% Response Time

Key aspect of our outsourcing services is response time. Our agents work 24/7, day & night and deliver expected results, leaving you always content.


We understand your business. Our outsourcing services can expand and adapt to your business needs whenever it is needed by the scalability of your project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some Frequently asked Pre Sales questions from existing clients.

Outsourcing Services

The cost of outsourcing can vary based on the type of service being outsourced. The price varies by many factors for example: the number of agents, languages, type of service etc.

Simetrix Solutions, compared to other call center companies, provides personalized solutions and customer services to multiple countries. We welcome clients from the UK, USA, Germany, Canada, Europe, Asia and Dubai.

The standards of our content moderation services remain persistent - we do not compromise on the quality of our services.

Outsourcing services offer a lot of benefits, including improved efficiency and cost-effectiveness in tasks.

Of course. You can outsource moderators, train them with your system and integrate them with your business needs.

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