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Outsourcing is greater than in house – What’s the actual difference?

Outsourcing is greater than in house – What’s the actual difference?

In-house vs outsourcing – the main difference between these two is the methods in which work, projects, or tasks are streamlined for strategic purposes.

Outsource vs Insource
Insourcing vs outsourcing

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  • Quality oriented service
  • Quick team change

In customer support outsourcing, you affiliate with an agency to handle your customer base (solve their queries) on a daily basis. Though an in-house team provides utmost control over the staff, you can train them, and shape as per your company’s standard, it is also very costly and sometimes becomes unbearable for a company to bring necessary change (particularly downsizing or upsizing). Outsourcing, on the other hand, is a whole different story. It is one of the easiest ways to get started with customer care asap.  

Why In-House Support Will Most Likely Fail In 2021?

In house customer care, for most businesses, is a gigantic pain to deal with. All those staffing processes, training, restructuring, reporting, and evaluating the individual performance do take lots of time, effort and capital. Amid pandemic, businesses have two choices:

  • Outsource customer support to a third-party agency
  • Bring everything inhouse via work from home

The cost of running an inhouse customer care is generally higher and it’s more difficult to streamline their efforts towards the same goals. Besides, with the work from home culture prevailing in the market, in-house doesn’t portray a viable decision for the 2021 & onwards business market.

When you plan to outsource, you invest in Managed Service Provider, where an agency will provide a dedicated team and work on your behalf. In short, you get a team with all necessary talents to streamline customer care without incurring the great expense, in less time, and without dealing with absence issue

Pros of IT Customer Outsourcing

  • Quality oriented service

Yes, one of the biggest advantages of outsourcing is the quality-oriented work. There are a lot of situations when the business owner was forced to outsource to solve problems after hiring the in-house team. Through customer support outsourcing, you can delegate a part of your work, allocate resources, and can focus more on some important business tasks.

  • Quick team change

If you don’t like the quality of a dedicated team, you can always ask for new resources and plan the team accordingly. This is something that cannot be achieved with in-house specialists, and it’s costlier. Outsourcing agencies work with a lot of great professionals and IT specialists, who are capable of handling a variety of projects to support organizational growth.


So…Which One Do You Prefer?

Eventually there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Both inhouse and outsourcing agencies have positives and negatives.  But outsourcing certainly outperforms and its significance will become more imperative in the upcoming days. In the post covid time, outsourcing has proven to be very useful and it is an efficient way to onboard the right kind of customer support without additional investments. For a future proof decision, one must consider all variables including – costs, budgets, talent pool, business requirements and more.

If you’re still confused – speak to us about our outsourcing. SIMETRIX SOLUTIONS can help you decide which elements of your customer support you should include and fervently help in making the transition seamlessly.


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