Transforming Your Customer Interactions

Omnichannel Solution Providers

Integrating 24/7 Omnichannel customer support is perhaps the best thing you can do to speed up your ecommerce, retail and IT Business. Outsourcing lets you hire the best agents and innovative technologies on your terms. This includes interaction in the form of emails, calls, SMS, or live chats

Businesses with Omni-channel Customer Support come with the following advantages:

  • Improve credibility, customer satisfaction
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Boost sales
  • Improve turnover

But most importantly, you can become creative with your branding and marketing

Why Go Omnichannel?

3 out of 4 customers switch between an average of 4 channels of customer care during their purchase journey. This certainly includes – Live chat support, FAQ’s, Forum (to ask questions) and Email, SMS’s, chat services and phone (for support, inquiry and complaints). This justifies the demand for omnichannel customer service, a viable strategy you should consider for your business. At Simetrix Solutions, our omnichannel practice is an amalgamation of pioneering technology and industry-leading experts, helping you build a seamless customer experience through all key touch points.

More Communication

Omnichannel covers more than 10+ channels. Without waiting, your customers would be able to connect and engage anytime through the channel they want to. Day or night, omni-channel customer care services can run your brand 24x7

Retention and Sales

Omnichannel outsourcing services align perfectly with your marketing and sales team, and ultimately serve as the backbone of the sales funnel. Multiple options for real time conversation strengthens business's goodwill and improves credibility

Reinforces Trust

Omnichannel solution confers a competitive edge against your rivalries. By nature, customers can talk independently about bad experiences and complaints. This way, companies and agents become more accountable and trustworthy

How It Works?

Getting started with omni channel outsourcing service (integration and overall management) is a simple and straightforward. It is much easier & reasonable than hiring, training, managing and streamlining the in-house team. At Simetrix solutions, we work smartly to enhance your customer experience. You will have a team of skilled agents and a dedicated project manager – all working closely together to ensure all around consistency.


Clarify your goals and objectives

In order to develop a unique omnichannel experience and infrastructure, we'd recommend building a coherent strategic plan.

Features and skills

What features do you want in omnichannel customer support, define the skills you think are necessary for an agent.

Mention the Timezone and language

Multilingual solutions for omnichannel support offer a seamless message to varied potential customers via different channels. If you're looking for multilingual omnichannel support, say explicitly what languages you want to cover.

Why Choose Simetrix Solutions ?

Simetrix Solutions is a professionally managed BPO Call Center and is counted among leading omni-channel solutions providers. Amid years of experience and expertise, we deliver innovative recommendations to improve customer care standards.

Full-Service Partner

We ensure you have the right foundational capabilities - talent and technology - to create a unified customer experience

Secure System

We do not compromise on the security aspect and have taken all the necessary measures for seamless functioning

Modernize methods

Our commitment is to deliver outstanding, cutting edge omnichannel support that add real value to Sales & Marketing

Future Proof

Omnichannel is a game changer in current digital ecosystem. You can offer your customers a new level of engagement


You get varied options to choose from. All omnichannel solutions can be personalized as per individual business needs

100% Response Time

Important attribute of our omnichannel call center is fast response time. Our skilled agents can work 24x7

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some Frequently asked Pre Sales questions from existing clients.

Omnichannel Solution Provider
Omnichannel customer support is the golden key to win in today’s "Age of the Customer". Personalized, meaningful experiences in real time - Omnichannel Solutions are helping brands to minimize cost and drive ROI.

A reliable Omnichannel Service requires a significant investment in IT system and skilled experts. This does make the entire quest unbearable. 

Outsourcing, compared to the in-house team, provides many short and long-term benefits. Some hidden advantages include lower operating costs, access to professional agents, accountability, and quality support. 

You do not need to invest in any infrastructure. We have the entire assets, IT infrastructure and workmanship – that all will give you the support you need.

Of course. You can outsource agents, train them with your system and integrate them with your business needs.

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