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How To Choose the Right Customer Support Outsourcing Company?

Customer Support Outsourcing For Your Business

Swamped with hundreds of customer emails each day? Want to keep your customers happy and increase their loyalty?

How To Choose the Right Customer Support Outsourcing Company?
Choosing the right customer support

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  • Reduce costs
  • Scalability
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Language capabilities
  • Access to a larger team

Need someone to handle the backend so you can focus on content marketing? If you answered yes, then outsourcing is probably a good idea for you. But how do you choose the right company that will provide top-notch customer support services while keeping your costs in check? Keep reading this post for 5 things to look for in a customer support outsourcing company.

One of the biggest challenges startups faces is finding the right partners as they grow their business. That includes customer support outsourcing, where customer service teams work remotely and communicate with customers via email, phone, and chat. While there are plenty of companies offering these services, choosing the right one can be difficult. The wrong choice can cost your business money and seriously impact your brand image.

Here are 6 things you need to look for when choosing a customer support outsourcing company for your business:

  1. Expertise and experience:
Customer support outsourcing is a highly specialized field. For example, many outsourced customers service teams specialize in software, e-commerce, or the entertainment industry. So, it’s important to find customer support outsourcing company that specializes in your industry or niche. Related industry experience is a bonus, as it will allow them to quickly understand your customers and pitch.
  1. Language fluency:
Many outsourced customer service providers claim to provide 24/7 service, but if your customers are located in a different time zone and language, they won’t be much help at 2 AM. While some providers may have multilingual teams, if your customers are focused on a specific country or region around the world, it’s important to check if the providers can provide native language support.
  1. Experience with your industry:
Many outsourced customer support providers work with different types of clients. If they are new to your industry, they will require more time to understand the terminology, standard operating procedures, and customers’ expectations. They may also lack knowledge about your industry’s customer service best practices.
  1. What is included in their services?
Customer support outsourcing includes everything from the initial onboarding process to ongoing training and development. Many providers also offer additional services like phone support, live chats, and email marketing services. Make sure your provider includes everything that you need as part of their services package.
  1. Customer service maturity:
Customer support outsourcing is a relatively new industry, which means companies lack experience handling high pressure, time-sensitive issues. Many providers also lack the tools and processes to help them resolve customer issues in real time. It’s important to find a provider that has experience managing complex, multilingual help desk requests and is able to escalate issues in real time when needed.
  1. Your Budget:
Customer support outsourcing is usually fairly expensive, which means you need to do your research before choosing a provider. Costs can depend on various factors like the number of representatives, language, the number of hours required, and the quality of customer support tools. In addition to hourly rates, some providers may also charge a monthly subscription fee, which can further increase your costs and make it harder to compare providers. The best way to find the right provider is to create a list of features and desired offerings according to your budget. Then, it’s time to talk to some providers and compare the costs.

What are the benefits of outsourcing your customer service needs?

Customer support is expensive. According to the 2017 IT Spending by Industry report, 83% of businesses spend more than 15% of their revenue on customer service. Customer support outsourcing can provide your business with a number of benefits including:

Reduced costs
Outsourcing allows you to reduce the expenses that you would normally incur on payroll and training. With a skilled team of outsourced representatives, your customer support can be handled efficiently which will allow you to save money in the long run.

Customer support outsourcing allows you to scale up or down depending on your customer support needs. This is especially important for companies that experience seasonal fluctuations in customer service loads to ensure the appropriate level of service delivery at any given time.

24/7 customer support
Most outsourced providers are able to provide 24/7 customer service which means you will have competent representatives available when you need them most.

Access to a larger team
Many outsourced providers offer access to a team of customer support representatives who can handle a variety of areas including sales, technical support, and product inquiries. This allows your company to have a single point of contact who can route customer service requests to the appropriate representative.

Language capabilities
Customer support outsourcing gives you access to a pool of representatives from all over the world who can speak a wide range of languages. This means you will have access to reliable local representatives who can communicate with your customers in their native language, regardless of where they are located.

Final Thoughts
Customer support outsourcing allows businesses to focus on their core competencies while still providing exemplary service. By choosing an outsourced provider, you can rest easy knowing that your customers will always receive timely and accurate service without draining your resources.

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