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Hire Best Tech Support Team via Outsourcing in Eastern Europe

Hire Best Tech Support Team via Outsourcing in Eastern Europe

If you are selling digital products, IT or app-based services, we don’t tell you the importance of a tech support team. Undoubtedly, it is crucial to your overall success.

hire best tech support team
Hire tech support team

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  • L1 and L2 tech support
  • Cost-effective and consistent service
  • Dedicated manager
  • Multilingualism
  • Trained and skilled people

Good technical support is a part of the world-class after-sales services. Its significance becomes imperative to address “user’s problems” such as error, bugs, or technical issues. But first, you must invest in a team of skilled technical representatives – ones with great problem-solving skills.

SIMETRIX SOLUTIONS knows the overall culture of the BPO industry. With years of experience, our customer outsourcing agency is fully capable of introducing bespoke IT support solutions aligned with the company’s beliefs and values. Furthermore, being a leading call center in Eastern Europe, SIMETRIX SOLUTIONS has established a benchmark in the industry by hiring some apt representative for phone, email, or chat customer support work.

  • Trained & skilled people

SIMETRIX SOLUTIONS adheres to the latest parameter of IT customer support and diligently picks the best minds in the industry for customer service & back offices. That’s why leading startups and modern companies broadly trust us. Being headquartered in Eastern Europe, SIMETRIX SOLUTIONS has a global reach and welcomes clients from the UK, USA, Canada, Dubai and other parts of the world.

  • Multilingualism

SIMETRIX SOLUTIONS is way ahead in the game of multilingualism. Since the world is not just about one language, we personally make sure your customers get to interact with a support team that speaks their native language. Our Multilanguage support team ensures a steadfast response to a customer inquiry in their native language. You, on the other hand, gain an opportunity to explore untapped marketplace with full potential.

  • Dedicated manager

Getting started with customer care outsourcing is a relatively simple & straightforward process. You’ll be assigned an onboarding manager who will take care of your business needs and map your team for 24X7 customer support. You don’t have to deal with recruiting, training or launching – as we will handle all the process for you.

  • Continuous Improvement

SIMETRIX SOLUTIONS is always open to constructive feedback and takes a proactive approach in ensuring 100% clientele satisfaction. We do not stick with one size fits all solution and constantly look for innovative ways to improve the standards of customer service outsourcing & related services.

  • L1 & L2 Tech Support

SIMETRIX SOLUTIONS is quite a veteran in providing expert-driven technical support services. Our highly trained experts can offer top-notch tech Support Level 1 & Tech Support Level 2 solutions at a low cost. Through L1 & L2 tech support, the users will get support directly from agents via phone, email & live chat.

  • Cost-Effective and Consistent Service

SIMETRIX SOLUTIONS empowers organizations with cost-effective and reliable customer support outsourcing services – enabling you to meet all business goals and keep your brand reputation intact. In addition to this, we follow a flexible pricing methodology under which we personalize our services to your business requirements.

Since seeing it is the new believing, why not ask us for a demonstration? For a seamless and cost-efficient outsource it support solution, contact us today.


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