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Getting peak time inquiries? Call SIMETRIX Outsourcing

Getting peak time inquiries? Call Simetrix Outsourcing

No one wants to handle more inquiries in less time – but it’s inevitable and must be done with sincerity. For the sake of your company’s good image, have you ever thought of delegating?

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Peak time inquiries

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  • Omni-channel service experience
  • Tech driven customer support
  • Reduce response times

During holidays or seasonal festivals, we often face a sudden spike in demand (sales, marketing and inquiries). Many of your customers wish for an immediate interaction – to get their questions answered, to resolve queries, for expert opinion, and to make a complaint related to the shipment, faulty products, refund – and the list can go on & on. The thing is, you can’t thrive in the highly competitive world until you construct a customer support administration.

Highlights of SIMETRIX SOLUTIONS Customer Support Outsourcing

Let’s face it, the user’s expectation with your brand is gigantic. They expect you to be available at the right time, and your inadequacy can lead to bad rapport. It has been well-documented, “brands with worse-rated customer service score- with consumers citing uncooperative staff and miserable management – are likely to face a lifetime value drop.”

It took years to build a reputation and seconds to ruin it. By partnering with SIMETRIX SOLUTIONS, you actually create a room for improvement. Here’s how call center outsourcing actually helps:


Outsourcing is being managed by a team of professionals who are qualified and passionate about customer service. We know how to deal with people who hate waiting but most importantly, we guarantee a quick response time.

It’s been observed that 80% of customers would stick with an approachable brand. A quick response time nearly doubles up the retention and will also boost the sales number.

How can I know if your response time is poor? It’s fairly simple, you just have to compute the phase of customer interaction i.e., how much time in total it took to respond to the customer, solve their query and their satisfaction ratings.


SIMETRIX SOLUTIONS use the latest technology to improve customer service, which includes level 1 & level 2 tech support, live chat support, help desk outsourcing, real-time messaging, multi-language support, and advanced level telemarketing.

For the best possible outcome, our team is continuously adapting & learning new methods. Most new technologies will help professionals to do their jobs more efficiently. These technologies might change the way you handle your audience, however, in a good way.


Omni-channel customer support outsourcing aims to provide a seamless resolution to a broad spectrum of customers. Through omni-channel, one can easily integrate testing, email, social, and instant messaging to provide a unified brand experience. This ensures consistent and cohesive customer service quality. Instead of navigating customers from social media to email or phone, your service team can respond to them wherever they’re engaging your business.

Let’s Dive Right In!

Customer support outsourcing is crucial to the overall user experience. After all, our professional knows how to deal with unhappy customers better than anyone else. To see why SIMETRIX SOLUTIONS is portrayed as a trusted Call Center in Europe, do contact us today.


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