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Data Entry Services Required by Service Management Industry

Data Entry Services Required by Service Management Industry

This client was having trouble finding a fill-in data entry service to use, as they did not have employees that could perform this function. They wanted to get data entered so they would be able to use it for billing purposes, but were finding too much difficulty in managing this data reliably and effectively.

Client Requirement

They needed faster and more accurate input than they were currently getting with the existing data entry service. This client needed the service to be completed within a reasonable amount of time and at an affordable price.

Business Challenge

They needed to ensure they were getting the best price possible while ensuring that billing did not suffer as a result of data entry services. This was critical because increasing amounts of effort would be required with every new related project being entered into their existing database over time.

Solution Provided

Simetrix Solutions was able to provide immediate relief, as we had employees with good data entry experience that could quickly transition into this position. We were able to have these employees ready to go on the day we received a request for consultation, as we had staff that could deliver this service with no delay.


The results of having our data entry services proved invaluable in improving overall productivity rates and proving extremely beneficial when time-sensitive projects needed to be entered into their database faster than ever before.

Due to better billing efficiencies, they achieved sales revenue levels 750% higher within the first 3 months of having our services than they had in the 12 years prior.

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