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who we are

Simetrix Solutions is a Multilingual Omnichannel Solutions Provider

During the years we managed to help and launch numerous companies to success.

The leading resource in the Business Process Outsourcing industry and an experience worth 12 years in the BPO field.

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The harmony between us helps solve any task without hardship.

Client Satisfaction

Clients are our top priority and their satisfaction is mandatory.

Always Evolving

We always aspire to become the best version of ourselves.

Who we are

Simetrix Solutions

Simetrix Solutions has always stood out in a crowd of BPO service providers where output lags behind the sky-high promises. For us at Simetrix Solutions, our client is the main priority. Our client’s needs are our commitments and we won’t don’t get off the table until we understand exactly what the client wants and have completely satisfied the client about our strategy.

The business landscape is ever-shifting and changing rapidly. Our clients face the complex hurdles of an expanding landscape and there are no easy answers to their issues. Our entire team here is ready to face and crush the challenge.

At Simetrix Solutions, what we do is only exceptional.

Inbound/Outbound Call Center 100%
Backoffice 100%
Content Moderation 100%
Live Chat 100%
Multilingual bpo
Who we are

Our Vision

We aim to become the leading multilingual business process outsourcer by 2024, where our clients come from all over the world, with all kinds of backgrounds, and speaking any and all mainstream languages. We aim to achieve our vision by staying focused, committed, and true to our central values.

Omnichannel 100%
Tech Support 100%
Data Entry 100%
Email Support 100%
why simetrix?

How do we stand out in the BPO industry?

We blow away our clients with exceptional response

We work day and night to make sure our clients are always amazed, impressed, and blown away by our quick response, flexibility, speed, and obsession with churning out excellence in results.

Ensuring lean and efficient operations

Efficiency in work operations benefits all the stakeholders involved including our clients which is why we ensure that our teams are backed by modern tools, techniques, and technology and consist of only the best people to obtain maximum efficiency in operations.

Open and direct communication

We make sure to communicate with our clients and all other stakeholders in an open, direct, honest, and clear way. Easy communication is the key to getting things done with lightning speed.

We always look for light in the dark

Our optimism knows no bounds as we are staunch believers of focusing on the fact that there is always a solution to beat the problem at hand.

We keep learning

We believe learning is a constant process and so we focus on learning from our success, failures, competitors, clients, and all stakeholders to make our services exceptional.

We maintain a corporate culture of excellence

Our employees love to work here because ours is a culture of teamwork, growth, learning, inspiration, and putting your best foot forward to churn out the best work.

We care about mother nature

Our goal is to ensure we leave a sustainable environment for the coming generations. We are fully aware of and working towards minimizing our carbon imprint on the environment continuously.

We support change over monotony

We believe that complacency and monotony in routine kills creativity which is why we are constantly finding opportunities to get out of our comfort zone to charge up the creative muscle.

Fun and games are a part and parcel

We consider our clients a part of our team which is why mixing up the serious work with fun, light, and casual moments is our jam.

We are realistic and humble

We like to keep it modest and practical in every way.

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